29-hour "speed" completed the new route of the train to integrate the existing line construction

At the construction site, the old rail is allocated to the new rail. China Railway Eighth Bureau Construction Company is a series of work of line callization, line lift, upper rail connections, tamping, launching cable, etc. The new line of the line is incorporated into both wire construction. At 10:20 am on December 9, 2 CR200J EMUs added 2 CR200J EMUs, a double stream project, which was built by the China Railway Eighth Bureau Construction Company, and successfully completed the construction of the railway line call and the tits. Restore the penetration 1 hour in advance. The reserve line is the railway line for the 上海喝茶高端qqtrain to keep the work, the difference from the rigid line, through the line, to the hairline, etc., mainly for maintenance, oil, inspection and other locomotives.

Chengdu Vehicle Section Duplex Guest Corporation D3, D4, D5 Removal Line Standfint Construction Construction Project is newly inserted into a set of SC390G Tao. "This process needs to complete the line diary, line lift, upper rail connection, tuning tamping, laying cable, etc. Completely completed in a relatively short ‘sunroofed’.

"The construction manager of the construction party, Zeng Peng said.

At 5:20 in the morning of December 8, with the line blockade, the command started from the interiith from the walkie-talkie, more than 70 construction workers in the construction area waited quickly to their respective working positions, 上海哪里还有海选场子 cutting the rails, disassemble the joint. Hanging old rail, excavator clearing the soil, the new road is aligned, the trip to the road, taking the mortgage, the scene is a hot-fired construction scenario, all operations are in an orderly manner. Lin Hai, the head of the construction site, said: "This route is all integrated into the work, electricity, communication, power supply. After the line is dial, it will complete the signal installation and commissioning, contact network dialed adjustment, etc. In order to ensure that the newly inserted Taxi is completed according to the established time node, the guaranteed line is restored on time, the engineers strictly abide by the "five ban" of the railway construction, strictly implement the system of the hidden equipment, and form a technology, measurement, orbit. Demolition, Turnout Promote, Tasted and other professional teams. In the end, the renovation construction task was successfully completed. It is reported that the completion of the construction of Double stream passengers D3, D4, D5, will set a solid foundation for the addition of 2 CR200J EMUs in the CR200J EMUs, which will be put into a solid foundation, which will be greatly Improve the use of Shuangliu Bus Technology, the use of maintenance and intensity, and lay an important foundation for the upcoming 2022 railway Spring Festival reserves.

上海龙凤交友 (Liang Xiaoqin, Lai Chongjun) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia) Share more people to see.


Be behind the virus! This Sunday has "rising posture" 上海千花娱乐论坛 with modern Express small reporters.

Modern Express News (Reporter Xie Xuo Wen / Photographed) New crown virus grows? Are all viruses that are enemies? On November 14th, more than 40 groups of small reporters in the modern express report were divided into the Nanjing Science and Technology Museum. He did not only see 3D printed new crown virus model, and intuitively felt the virus of "invisible". A 上海龙凤论坛419 small virus, with the host’s immune system "Fighting God".

Just arrived at the door of the show, everyone’s eyes were quickly attracted by a "mask magic forest", and the white branches were not treated, but the colorful masks. Seeing the scene of the eyes, the children raised their hands and checked whether their masks had been worn. I followed the footsteps of the big reporter in the autumn of autumn, and there was a choice question: "The virus is an enemy forever?" The three doors of the eyes "is" "Is" "not" "ineffective" and so on. Different answers, small reporters discuss it, and finally decided to pass through "not" entered the exhibition hall. That’s right, as everyone is chosen, the world is a contradictory opposition unity, and it is difficult to deviate a certain party for the enemy forever.

The virus is indeed a pathogen that is the most difficult to control to date, which can cause various diseases of humans and animals and plants, seriously endanger human survival and animal and plant health.

At the same time, the virus can be used to eliminate pests, construct exogenous gene expression vectors, and benefit humanity. "Auntie …" before the foam spread the electromechanical interactive device, the small reporter told the switch under the guidance of the staff, the machine began to simulate the people sneezing, and the three devices represent no cover, nose, Wear three different states, the water fog from the shaded device sprayed, so that everyone can intuitively feel the important role of correct sneezing etiquette on preventing viral dissemination. The small reporters on the side are shocked: "Mom, Mom, you will see! It turns out that when you sneeze, you can spray it so far, it is terrible!" There is also a common four viral architecture in the exhibition hall. They are all made of 3D printing technology, vividly and intuitively presented the structure of major viruses, so that everyone can intuitively feel "invisible" viruses.

The blue ball is covered with countless orange thorn, and there are many lines in the center of the sphere, which is a new crown virus model.

A variety of interactive devices in the exhibition hall also attracted a lot of small reporters, especially in the "Virus Immune Competition" Sports Games, small reporters play a small virus, with the host’s immune system "fighting", During the procedure of the Crown, understand the mechanism of viral infection. "The type of virus is really too much, I don’t know it before! I learned a lot today. After back, I have to talk about my father.

"Modern Express Small Reporter, Chen Yuyu, a (3) class of Nanjing Normal University, said that it is the most impressed to prevent the virus in addition to hard work, more ventilation, is to strengthen exercise.

"I usually like to swim, play basketball, run, I must let my mom exercise with me.

"Ms. Jiang, Mrs, of Mother, said not only a child. As a parent, many people may have awareness of the new crown virus or stay on the surface, everyone only knows to wear a mask, wash hands, but do not understand the story behind the virus." After listening to the teacher’s explanation, the child told me later that go home must tell Dad not only to protect the protection, but also wear wild animals such as mountains, fruit rachers, bats, and margia. "Technology is to grab from the doll, and now I have entered the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, such science activities, help parents and children can better understand viruses.

"Nanjing Science and Technology Museum five-star scientific and technological counselor Zhou Yang tells reporters, especially some interactive experience activities, can make small reporters have simple and clear cognition of new crown viruses, which is also conducive to everyone in their daily life, Effective epidemic prevention.

"There are also some history of masks, the history of human defense virus, Guinness in the viral industry, etc., all children are not going to learn in books." Relevant recommendations.


Beijing Huairou is built into an annual task 140% of the completion of the annual task within 21

People’s Daily Online November 18th, China improved commercial quality, meets public demand, this year, Huairou District continues to promote the construction of convenience business outlets, 21 上海喝茶暗号交流 construction and improvement of 21 basic convenience business outlets, completing 140% of the annual task, further enhanced the convenience of public life .

As one of the key tasks of "Dieniengest Remediation" work in Huairou District, Huairou District This year, the construction of convenient business outlets this year, focusing on enriching the door of residents.

Newly built 21 convenience commercial networks in the year, including vegetable retail, community supermarket, breakfast shop, beauty salon, end distribution, etc., most of whom is a brand chain, an introduction of a local or urban introduction. "This year, the large-scale chain life supermarket brand we introduced involves the first bossyi family, big star, Wo, fresh, integrated sales of vegetables, fruits, fresh, delicious food, etc., 上海龙凤419会所 can meet the shopping needs of surrounding large community residents "The relevant person in charge of the Huairou District Bureau of Commerce, especially the three privileges introduced this year, not only effectively fill the gap in the old city, but also their own procurement, logistics team, vegetables, fruit and other goods from the source of goods Direct supply, rich categories, price concessions. Profiley Your Supermarket is a home service surrounding the new community layout construction commercial network, the business area is 970 square meters, the department store, vegetables, fruits and other commodities are all welcomed by the surrounding citizens. Ms. Chen, who lives in the new home park, almost every day to shop.

Ms. Chen told reporters that "the supermarket is a few months, it is very close to my family, and all things are complete, buy peace of mind, eat peace of mind, now there are many residents in our community are new frequent customers." In convenient residents At the same time, Huairou District continued to enhance the quality of the network service. "Now buy breakfast is more. Occasionally, you can’t take breakfast, get up early to buy some, convenient.

Ms. Liu, who lives near the family, said.

With the chain brand is good, Wei Jia, Hesheng Valley, Yonghe King will continue to settle in, local brands every day, and Jian Youshu kitchen, etc.

It is understood that Huairou District has launched the construction of convenient business outlets in 2016. Up to now, 8 basic convenience commercial services functional community coverage of 35 communities in the whole district realize 100%, and increased by 43% from the start of the work, a total of vegetables retail, convenience stores, breakfast, home politics, dummy, hair, end distribution Waiting for the basic convenience network points 229.

Next, Huairou District will rely on the Beijing life service industry public service platform, according to data analysis, division, divide the street, divided into community layout, order, in an orderly, multi-level, multi-level, diversified coverage.

At the same time, it will also actively guide enterprises to explore complexes and intensive operational models through the business, and actively guide companies to explore complexes and intensive operational models.

(Zheng Qiuying Zhang Rui) (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.


Focus on gathering gathering and grasping the spirit of the plenary meeting

  A few days ago, the CPPCC Party Theoretical Learning Center Group held a special study meeting in accordance with the unified deployment of the Municipal Party Committee, and learned to implement the important reports of General Secretary Xi Jinping in the 19th National Council of the 19th CPC Plenary Session and intended to implement measures in conjunction with practical research. The Secretary of the Cities of the CPPCC, Chairman Shengmao Lin hosted and speaking. At the meeting, the party group members, the party and other vice-chairmen, and some of the CPPCC’s special 上海松江足浴你懂的 committee were responsible for the joint management, and the exchange of exchanges, in-depth implementation of the spirit of the Central Committee and the Municipal Party Committee’s work deployment proposed suggestions. The meeting pointed out that the important report of General Secretary Xi Jinping in plenary session is encouraging, reminded that people are engaged in, the important speech high-rise construction, the 上海阿拉后花园 whole game, has strong political, ideological, strategic, forward-looking, guidance, better understanding "13th Five-Year Plan" development achievements, grasp the situation of the situation facing high quality development, deeply understand the new development stage, new development concept, new development pattern rich connotation, and do a good job in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period is very important.

We must be more closely united around the party center of Xi Jinping as the core, further enhance the "four awareness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", and firmly build confidence in building socialist modern countries and Determined, always paying attention to the people’s livelihood, performing the duties as the people’s starting point and the duty, and promoting the first priority of high quality development as the CPPCC to fulfill the function of the CPPCC, in order to ensure the overall construction of socialist modernization countries, work New contribution.

  The meeting emphasizes that we must improve the consciousness of learning, and learn to learn, enter the mind, further enhance the confidence and determination to accelerate high quality development. It is necessary to enhance the urgency of development, recognize the situation and tasks, strengthen the development awareness, and form a strong atmosphere for development, development, and grasp the development. It is necessary to persist in the continuity of reform, strengthen the initiative of innovation, and actively explore the innovation of the CPPCC’s performance, and strive to be the pioneer of the CPPCC.

It is necessary to improve the scientificness, adhere to the issue and demand orientation, and propose high-quality advisions that meet the law, scientific and feasible. It is necessary to reflect the people’s nature of the CPPCC work, insist on negotiation in the people, negotiate for the people, pay attention to people’s livelihood, enter the masses, and strive to do practical things, do things, and solve difficult things for the masses.

It is necessary to pay close attention to the firmness, do not call the big slogan, do a small matter, focus on gathering the gathering work, and implement the spirit of the Five Plenary Section, the Municipal Parties Committee is implemented. (Liu Ping) .


846 different sites in the Henan Poogou have been quarantined in the whole Yin returned home monitoring

  (Anti-neooperative pneumonia) Henan Pudou 846 differently isolated students Nuclear inspection of the whole Yin has returned home monitoring Zhoukou November 18th (Reporter Liu Peng) Reporter learned from Zhoukou City, Henan Province, was obtained from November 8th Emergency transfer to the 846 students in Dugou County, which were negative, after the nucleic acid test results, all of which were concentrated in the afternoon of the afternoon,嘉定区419在哪里 and 7-day home health monitoring was performed. On November 8, Jikou City, Pudgou County, Zhoukou City, added 5 cases of asymptomatic infections, and allocate students in the county experiment.

Falling against the epidemic, it is not going to slow.

That night, under the organization of Zhoukou City, Pichdou County, two-level epidemic prevention and control command department, 846 students in the Experimental Middle School of Pudigou County were submitted to closed-loop transport overnight, scattered to Xihua, Taikang, Huaiyang, Yicheng, etc. 8 counties and urban areas for isolation. After observing the isolation of many days, the 846 departments of Dugou County have ushered in the return time in the afternoon of November 17. At 13 o’clock on the same day, more than 20 hanging "waiting for you home" red banner bus waited at all levels of isolation, greeted the isolation personnel home. 846 middle school students were all negative by nucleic acids, and they packed up their arrangements.

The on-site staff sent a carefully prepared gift and "Home Isolation Handbook" for each isolation person. At 14 o’clock, the bus car continued to stop at the entrance of the People’s Park of Pudigou County.

After a short welcome ceremony, the children returned home in their respective parents, carry out 7 days of home health monitoring. It is reported that in order to protect their normal life, community staff and volunteers have already killed many times in front of the corridor and home environment in advance, and the relevant materials have been planned in advance.

  At present, Pudgou County’s epidemic prevention and control work has achieved phased results. According to the news released on the 18th of the County Epidemic Prevention and Control Command, as 上海水磨微信工作室of 24:00 on November 17, the county has no new positive cases for five consecutive days.

Since November 3, the first infected person found that in 17 days, Pudgou County has found 18 cases of diagnosis in the diagnosis, and is currently in Henan Province. (Finish).


Can the pear soup really lungs and cough? Teach you winter, eat pear

When I entered the autumn and winter season, the weather was getting dull, although the humidifier was opened, many people sleep at night or wake up because of their throat. When you go to the supermarket, fresh pears are listed. Many mothers say not to buy some pear, cook some rock sugar soup to your child, saying that there is a moisturizing lungs and cough. There are also many programs in the TV. In the autumn and winter, the benefits of eating pear, such as moistening the lungs and cough, phlegm and so on, and also recommend that we eat a pear every morning and evening.

Is it so good to eat pear? Do you want to buy pears? The water of the pear is largely generated by the lungs and cough, 85% of the pears are water, the taste is crisp, sweet and horizontal, so the pear is a thirsty fruit of supplementation water, the effect is very good.

Therefore, pear is indeed a high water content, which is indeed supplemented with moisture for our body and relieves cough due to drying. However, although in many advertisements, we often see the statement of the pear "Runfei and Cough", but there is currently no formal scientific research in this area. Of course, because the moisture in the pear, eating pears is indeed beneficial to supplement moisture, can also alleviate the symptoms such as uncomfortable, cough, and other symptoms. Especially friends with pharyngitis, it is 上海品茶资源群 indeed a lot of scorpion after eating a pear.

Drink the pear soup that is smashed with the pear, I feel the throat, nor is it because of the special ingredients in the pear, because of the result of supplementing moisture.

In fact, there is also the same effect more drink. However, although the pear and pear soup have no legendary cough effect, it does not hinder us to enjoy its delicious. Pear is cold, can not be eaten? It is related to your own gastrointestinal status, and some people say that the physical condition is cold, the abdominal cold pain is not suitable for eating pear, because the pear is cold, and the life will have a stomach pain, causing diarrhea, especially the girl, must not be eaten. In fact, this kind of saying is a bit worried.

Some people will feel uncomfortable after eating 上海按摩水磨 pears, and there may be two reasons. On the one hand, it may be because of the dietary fiber of pears.

When eating pear, many people will feel some varieties of pears, and the flesh seems to have a hard residue, the taste is relatively rough, some people are indigestion, they will feel uncomfortable. But in fact, they are all dietary fibers. On the other hand, it may be because the temperature is low.

The weather is cold, eat cold fruit, some people can’t accept the temperature of the cold, will not be uncomfortable. If you have a bad stomach, it is easy to diarrhea, and the cold pear will feel uncomfortable, even stomach pain and other discomfort, you can consider eating less or use the pear to boil the soup after eating. However, as long as you have no problems with your stomach, you have no problems.


White pear, green pear, yellow pear … Which is more nutritious? The pears in the supermarket are also a variety of pears, there is a white pear, and green pears, even yellow brown, how is their nutrition? Which one is better? In fact, different colors, different shapes of pears, they are only different, although there is a difference in taste, but the overall impact is not big, I want to buy which one, I think you like to eat.

There are a wide variety of pears, such as rough hosh with pear, smooth Sydney, have a lot of juicy pears, and a delicate tribut pear.

Although the pears have so many varieties, but from the average, the pear family has their own common nutrients. Everyone knows that vitamin A is very important for maintaining normal vision. If there is a lack of vitamin A, it will be unclear when there will be dusk. This symptom is called "night blindness". Carotene content in the pear is relatively rich, and carotene can be converted into vitamin A in the human body.

The pears also contain rich vitamin B2, which can promote skin, nails, hair, prevent and eliminate ossy inflammation. How to eat pears healthier? The peak is not recommended to eat more people say you have to eat a pear every morning and evening, saying that it is more healthy, really need this? In fact, there is no need.

First, in the fruit family, the pear does not have a very highlighted nutritional advantage, which can only be a medium-oriented level.

Moreover, the pears are large, the weight is large, eat two pears, and there are 200-300 grams of small little. It is more than a pound, which is more belly, plus a lot of sugar, but it is not very good. And early, only eating pears in the evening, obviously does not comply with the recommended food diversity and appropriate principles recommended by my country Dietary Guide. 1. Change to other fruits, mix it. my country’s Dietary Guide suggests that you should pay attention to dietary diversity, and try to take at least 10 of the vegetables and fruits every week.

Especially very much like to eat pear, fruit can’t only eat pear, you can mix with apples, winter dates, persimmons, grapes, etc., eat a little fruit.

2. Eating pear should be appropriate.

Adults recommend eating 200-350 grams of fresh fruit.

Pear, a head size of different varieties, and a single weight difference. The fruit is too much, and it is easy to have a problem of sugar, and the energy is excessive. Don’t eat too much.

Text / Yan Guangfeng (Director of the Science and Technology Department of Food & Nutrition Information Exchange Center).


Comprehensive news: Guangdong won the Sichuan wins from Shanghai Lic Xinjiang stop

  Xinhua News Agency Jinan January 13 (Reporter Xiaohechuan) 2020-2021 China Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) conducted the last 4 games of the 29th round of the regular season. Guangdong’s latterness has to take advantage of Sichuan to get two consecutive victories. Shanghai has a rebellion of the end of Xinjiang, stopping two losses.

Guangsha and Tianjin defeated Fujian and Tonghao, respectively.

  The victory of the Guangdong team has been a bit twice. They attacked the firepower in the first half, and the Sichuan team is leading 51:48 at the end of the Sichuan team. But in the second half, the Guangdong 上海华亭品茶 team shows extremely strong prevention and adjustment.

After entering the last day, the Sichuan team became more and weak. The Guangdong team dominated the game, eventually defeated Sichuan at 114: 88.

Li Yuanyu’s 14 points is the highest in the Sichuan team. The Guangdong team scored 5 people, and Ren Junfei 25 points the highest, and the defender Hu Mingxuan has 15 points and 10 rebounds.

  The turning point of the competition in Xinjiang and Shanghai occurred in Section III. At the beginning of the competition, the leader of Xinjiang is frequent, the outer line is cold, and the penalty basket is biased, so that the victory balance gradually biased toward the opponent. The more and more brave Shanghai team took the trick of the Xinjiang team at the end of the end, with 110: 97 Lectra opponent, 上海贵族宝贝花千坊 walked out of the two-game losing shadow.

This game, the hit rate of less than 30% of Xinjiang has a 31-point and 21 rebounds of Motte Anas. Frey Dad and Deng Meng teamed up for 62 points for Shanghai.

  In the face of Guangsha, Fujian, which is not hi, quickly reveals the failure, the first battle, the opponent is behind 18:41.

Then, the two Fujian team barely sustain the division and did not continue to pull the big, the end of the festival and the net loss 16 points, and finally 101: 139 lost to Guangsha. In addition to Chen Linjian, Nixerson, Gaosunda, other players of Fujian team showed lack of good deeds.

Guangsha has 5 people to score double. Ru Du Lac is 30 points, 11 assists, 13 rebounds of "three pairs" performance. Tongyu was ranked at the bottom of Tianjin pulled down the horse.

Tianjin This is in the style of hand, and the whole team three-pointer 32 times shot 16 hits. With the advantage of the winner winning 17 points, Tianjin will win at 106: 94. Tongyu foreign aided martary hazel cut the highest 35 points with 13 rebounds. On the 14th, the 30th round of three games will be conducted. Zhejiang against Beijing, Dragon and Lion met Shanxi, Shenzhen battle Liaoning.


Change Desk Upgrade Toilet Salt Promoting Primary and Secondary School "New Four Huimin" Project

Original title: Salt: Promoting the "New Four Huimin" projects in primary and secondary schools to run the people’s satisfaction education (桂富) On November 3, the author saw the worker master in Longgang first. The table, the assembled class is continuously transported to all class classrooms. It is understood that the student desk is replaced is one of the "new four Huimin" projects in China. In September last year, our district completed the completion of post-class delay service, primary and secondary school students concentrated on dining, primary and secondary school sports facilities on four education and Huimin projects such as opening up and the installation of air conditioners in primary and secondary schools, etc., the implementation "new four benefits The people "project and the inclusion of the district government for 2021 to promote practical practical projects.

According to reports, the specific content of "New Four Huimin" project includes improving 445 classroom lighting conditions for 27 schools, replacing 18,141 sets of desk chairs, 240 direct water drops (sets) and 2 to the toilet. On the afternoon of November 4, the author saw in junior high school that the school’s new table and chairs and classroom lighting have all been updated. The school’s nine (4) class student Li Siqing said: "The new desk chair design is very scientific, the chair is curved, sitting is very comfortable; there is also a hook on the side of the table, the bag can be hung above; the chair is still There is a tray, or you can put a book.

"Liu Ruixiang, the school, told the author, 445 students in the school, this desk chair is updated to single-person table, plus the update of the classroom lighting, can say the conditions 上海红灯发廊 better, grassroots schools and The teacher is more satisfied. Liu Ruixiang also said that the newly installed anti-near-eye light, the lighting quality is good, not flash, not glare, the vision of the students will definitely be a good protection. The toilet of Daga is also me. One of the four renovation projects of new four Huimin projects in primary and secondary schools.

The author walked into the school toilet, stainless steel urinal, all partitioned, new tiles, let the whole toilet became bright and tidy, and there is no odor. According to Zhang Shu Yan, the school principal, the new toilet is not only clean, health, but also more than the original, teachers and students are very recognized. Students’ drinking water safety has always been the focus of school concerns, ensuring that students can drink clean, hygienic, warm and suitable purification water is also the expectation of teachers, parents and students. In our district, the students’ direct drinking water projects into the "New Four Huimin" projects. On the basis of full investigation, 240 (sets) direct drinking water equipment is installed for the lack of direct drinking water facilities. In junior highlights in Yancheng High-tech Zone, the author saw that every teaching building has two straight drinking machines, and students can drink water with their own water cups.

Sun Chang, seven (2) class student, said: "There is a water dispenser, cold, warm and hot, what temperature is needed, it is really convenient." It is understood that the current salt The implementation promotion of "New Four Huimin" projects in Cultural Primary School has been close to the end, with the toilet transformation and direct drinking water projects have been completed, classroom lighting replacement and desk chair replacement is being 上海喝茶私人工作室 promoted, and it is expected to be completed this month. "Implementing the" New Four Huimin ‘Project is one of our students to study "one of the projects of" I have practical activities "I am doing practical activities for the masses."

Xiong Xinhua, director of the District Education Bureau, said, "In addition, we have also organized famous special teachers’ to teach to the countryside ‘, disabled children’ to teach the door", red story to promote enterprises, enter the community, thousand teachers Wanjia and other activities, the purpose is to combine learning party history and doing practical things, so that the masses really see our actions, feel changes. "(Editor: Xiao Wei, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.


1009 Hebei companies debut the 130th Canton Fair

Original title: 1009 homes and entries, the 130th Canton Fair, 1009 homes, the 130th Canton Fair, the scale and hierarchical hierarchical homes, the 130th China Import and Export Commodity Fair (Canton Fair) in Guangzhou Opening. After the held 3 consecutive lines, the first online line of the current Canton Fair was blended, and the extension time was 5 days.

Hebei Province organized 205 enterprises under the exhibition, applying for 442 online booths, 804 enterprises, participated in the line, participating in the scale and hierarchical history. The Canton Fair is an important trade promotion platform in China, known as the "barometer" and "windsome" of Chinese foreign trade.

The exhibition area of ??this current Guangjiao will reach 400,000 square meters, according to the 16 major types of goods, the total number of booths is approximately 20,000, and there are 7,795 exhibitors. There are about 60,000 booths on the line, about 10,000 Chinese and foreign companies.

Using the Canton Fair platform, Hebei Province has fully went to promote products, docked negotiate, grab the order.

Hebei Runshi Jewelry Co., Ltd. Business Manager Dunjing 宝山区419会所推荐 said that the next line is simultaneously on the line, and the display space is larger. While inviting the old customers for the video conference, the company is on the line transaction to the Canton Fair, which is also actively developing intentional customers and domestic group purchases or wholesalers to further expand the market. In addition to the online display, the factory live broadcast, this time to participate in the Canton Fair, Huida Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. also sets two offline booths in the bathroom equipment exhibition area and architectural decoration materials, with an area of ??198 square meters. In addition to routine best-selling products, Huida will show this year’s award-winning product and some new design products, and strive to showcase the company’s unique design concept and powerful design and 上海龙凤桑拿gm manufacturing capability while taking into account the product sales. And reputation, the maximum effectiveness of participation.

Since the preparation of this current Canton Fair, the Provincial Department of Commerce and the municipalities and the municipalities have closely cooperated, coordinated linkage, actively doing the preparations for exhibiting, carrying out special training, helping and guiding enterprises to do online underline publicity. Increased the invitation to the domestic buyers, actively invite large business super, retail chain, industry wholesale, distribution agents, e-commerce, supply chain management and other enterprises to purchase in the intersection of foreign companies and related agencies to broaden the market for enterprises Channels, promote the development of internal and foreign trade, and help build a new development pattern of domestic international dual cycles. (Reporter Jia Nan) (Editor: Fang Tong, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.


China Construction Group held the first batch of summary and second batch deployment meeting of the theme education "unforgettable, remember the mission"

  Zhou Naixiang, on behalf of the group’s party group, comprehensively summed up the main practice of the first batch of theme education, and the work results.

He pointed out that under the guidance of the 34th instructive group of the Central Committee, the Group’s Party Group organizes the two-level headquarters around "Guardian, the Mission, the gap, the implementation" general requirements, and insist on learning education, investigation and research, review problems. , Rectifying four key measures organically integrated, coordinated, always focusing the subject main line, always highlighting the problem-oriented, target orientation, effect guidance, always strengthening organizational leadership and work supervision, in theoretical learning, the ideological and political baptism, business entrepreneurship Dare to take advantage of the technical solution, Qing Zheng and honest work rate, etc. The prominence of the masses reflected in effectively, and the work of the Group’s reform and development has been strongly promoted. The universal entrepreneurship acts as the spirit of the spirit of the group have been further enhanced. The first batch of theme education in the group has reached the expected purpose, and the second batch of theme education has accumulated. Important experience. Zhou Naixiang made a request for in-depth of the second batch of theme education.

He emphasized that we must improve the political station, effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, and conscientiously implement the tasks and initiatives of the second batch of theme education. Adhere to the strict requirements of high standards, ensure that the theme is constant, the standard does not fall, the strength does not reduce, do not reduce the ideological understanding, the inspection problem is in place, and the rectification is implemented in place, and the organization leaders are in place. Strengthen the hierarchical classification guidance, to combine the characteristics and actual characteristics of the grassroots unit, have a targeted arrangement, and effectively improve organizational guidance methods, to ensure full coverage, 上海妹子怎么样 and to enhance targeted and effectiveness, implement new development philosophy, Promote transformation and upgrading, strengthen the party’s construction, etc. as the theme education. Always highlight the problem, put it in, put the responsibilities, put the work in, seriously check the gap, take the initiative to inspect, 即ly change, it should be changed.

Relying on the people, we must insist on opening the door to engage in education, listening to employee people’s opinions, consciously accepting the supervision of employees, using the staff of the people to test the results of the subject education.

Combine the implementation of real-time and seek the requirements of the theme education, and improve the requirements of the "grassroots reduction year", improve the long-term mechanism, and 上海找新茶 effectively loosen the burden, put the grassroots cadres from formalism, put more time Investigate and enter the business entrepreneurship. Zhou Naixiang requires to strengthen responsibility, strengthen organizational leadership and supervision guidance. Comprehensively leadership responsibility, when a good demonstration test rate, party organizations at all levels must bear the responsibility of the first responsible person, leading cadres should take the initiative to put themselves, strive to learn one step, learn a deep number, play a good minority "Key role". Strengthening the guidance, improve the quality of education, the group tour guidance group and the secondary unit guidance group to sink to the baseline first line, combined with different units, targeted, accurate Member, strictly strengthen the supervision 上海喝茶联系方式 and guidance, enhance the theme education effect. Adhere to the coordination and integration, to achieve the in-depth integration, and implement the theme education and implement the decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee, combined with the deepening of the central inspection and feedback, and combine the Group’s current reform and development of the group, and do a good job The center of this unit combines the establishment of the founding of New China in the 70th anniversary. Increase the promotion efforts, create a good atmosphere, and in-depth excavation of the promotion of grassroots units and form a batch of propaganda results. It is necessary to pay attention to the typical road, combined with the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, and choose a batch of advanced models represented by Lu Jianxin, guide the majority of party members and cadres, and dare to take them.