my country’s big data industry has exceeded 1.3 trillion yuan to promote the release of value

my country’s big data industry has exceeded 1.3 trillion yuan to promote the release of value

  During the "Thirteenth Five -Year Plan" period, the average annual compound growth rate of the big data industry in my country exceeded 30%, and the industrial scale exceeded the trillion yuan in 2021 … The data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology showed that the scale of my country’s big data industry has grown rapidly, and the big data industry chain has initially formed.

At the same time, focusing on further promoting efficient and compliant circulation of data elements, promoting data resources integration and opening up and sharing, multiple departments are actively deploying to fully tap the value of data element.

  Industry insiders pointed out that with the implementation of laws and regulations such as data security law and personal information protection law, my country’s data market has entered a new stage of compliant development. Data security and privacy protection have become important consensus. The security and efficient unified data market has begun to build. In recent years, the development of data open development and value release has entered the fast lane, and data resources development and utilization results have been effective.

  "Big data applications have gradually expanded from the fields of Internet, finance, telecommunications and other fields to intelligent manufacturing, digital society, digital governments and other fields, which greatly enriched my country’s data resources and spawned a number of new scenarios and new models and new formats.

"Minister of Industry and Information Technology Xiao Yaqing recently said at the 2022 China International Big Data Industry Expo. Cao Shumin, deputy director of the Central Internet Information Office, said that in the past 5 years, the open platform of provincial public data open platforms has increased from 5 to 24, which is open. From 8398 to nearly 250,000. Cao Shumin said that there are still problems such as lack of ownership systems, unknown circulation rules, and lack of coordination of data governance in my country. Data openness and development and value release, helping the development of high -quality digital economy. It is understood that it is actively deployed by further digging data from data resources, promoting the integration and opening and sharing of data resources. Data is the key to the development of the big data industry. "Xiao Yaqing said that it will strengthen the establishment of basic systems such as data confirmation, transaction circulation, cross -border transmission and security, etc., and explore a variety of forms of data trading models.

Encourage Internet companies, telecommunications operators, industrial enterprises and other orderly open data, and implement national standards for data management capabilities.

Continue to support the construction of data exchange, improve the operating system, and cultivate a number of data trading service providers.

  Lin Nianxiu, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that it will accelerate the introduction of policy documents to build a basic data system, coordinate and optimize the layout of the national data market system, further promote the use of data elements to be used in accordance with efficient compliance. The "Western Calculation" project, hurry up to build about 10 data center clusters across the country. At the same time as the value of data security governance system is increasingly prominent, data security issues have also attracted much attention.

  Qi Xiangdong, chairman of Qi Anxin Group, said that in a huge and complex scenario, the entire life cycle of data is facing huge security risks. The data of many corporate institutions are in the state of "streaking". The basic protection of important data assets is not in place, including weak privilege account management, poor authority control measures, lack of risk perception, etc. This is the primary problem of data security. Qi Xiangdong said that with the advancement of "East Digital and West Calculation", the demand for computing power is greater, data circulation nodes and data volume are more, and the requirements of the east and west parts will also be higher.

  It is worth noting that the relevant departments will further improve the data security governance system.

  Du Guangda, deputy director of the Network Security Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said during the 2022 China International Big Data Industry Expo that it will strengthen the construction of the system, accelerate the improvement of data security laws and policies such as industry management and emergency plans, and provide a basic basis for data security work.

Establish a working mechanism, accurately grasp the positioning of different subjects, and establish working mechanisms such as important data filing, risk assessment, and information sharing.

Strengthen standards, accelerate the development of standards such as data recognition, security protection, and risk assessment, and give full play to the basic and leading role of standards. The data security industry ecology will also be further improved.

Du Guangda said that it will strengthen core technology research, face the major needs of national data security, and accelerate the research and development of data security basic research, core technology and key products, and enhance industrial supply capacity.

Strengthen the construction of innovation carriers, vigorously promote the construction of innovative carriers such as data security industrial parks, key laboratories, and cultivate the establishment of industrial organization systems with progressive and coordinated development of large, small, small and small enterprises, and build a source of integration of innovative resources such as technology, talents, and funds. In the eyes of people in the industry, it is the core issue for the promotion of orderly flow and efficient release of data market under the premise of ensuring data security, which is the core issue of the healthy development of the data market. Wei Liang, deputy dean of the China Institute of Information and Communication, believes that the current data protection focuss on the relatively static guarantee data interaction security, and to ensuring dynamic data factor flow. In this context, technologies such as homogenous encryption and differential privacy provided strong support for the contradiction between data utilization and data protection.

  "Privacy computing provides a new idea of ??data protection." Ruilai Smart CEO Tian Tian said that the application of privacy computing technology is of great significance. First, the privacy computing has the advantages of the original data, the calculation process encryption, and the light text data. It can effectively guarantee data security and user privacy; second, based on legal compliance data use, break data barriers, empower multi -party collaboration, and drive business innovation; third, through separation of data ownership and use rights, do not trade data itself, only transaction data itself The calculation results make data transactions and value accounts rationalize. In fact, the demand for compliance data circulation in various fields is becoming increasingly strong. Privacy computing has been included in digital development planning in many places. Some places have proposed to build new types of data infrastructure including privacy computing. "At present, the privacy computing market is still in the early stage of large -scale commercial applications." Tian Tian said that with the continuous maturity of technology and the improvement of market awareness, privacy computing will continue to provide a credible data foundation for high -value scenarios, providing the development of the digital economy development, and provide the development of the digital economy development. Help.

(Reporter Guo Qian Pan Dexin).

"China Tibetaanse geneeskunde fotokopieeringen oude boeken" is 60 volumes gepubliceerd

"China Tibetaanse geneeskunde fotokopieeringen oude boeken" is 60 volumes gepubliceerd

"China Tibetaanse geneeskunde fotokopieerapping van oude boeken" heeft 60 volumes gepubliceerd om te streven naar de verzameling van 61-100 volumes binnen 5 jaar om de werktaak op 12 november te voltooien, publiceren "China Tibetaanse geneeskunde Casino-schat" (1-60 volume) Persconferentie werd gehouden bij de autonome regering inzake overheidsinformatie Office Pers Release Hall.

MIMA, plaatsvervangend secretaris van het Partijcommissie van Tibet Tibet, Tibet, en de opdrachtgever van de "China Tibetaanse geneeskunde fotokopi?rende oude boeken" 1-60 Volume-collectie, publicatie.

Vanaf januari 2021 zijn 60 volumes gepubliceerd in de "China Tibetaanse geneeskunde fotokopi?rende oude boeken" bewerkt door de oorspronkelijke hoofdsom van Tibet Tibet College.

Gespecialiseerd in de oprichting van een onderwerpgroep om de oude boeken en de overheid te bezoeken uit het hele land, hebben ze veel belang gehecht aan de bescherming, erfenis en ontwikkeling van een uitstekende traditionele cultuur, waaronder Tibetaanse geneeskunde en astronomie.

Tibet Tibet, Tibetan Medicine University HID De Chinese oude boekbeschermingsbanner, opgericht de Tibetaanse geneeskunde en astronomische kalibratie oude boeken Tibetaanse geneeskunde en astronomie, die de belangrijkste persoon die de leiding heeft, geopend de verzameling van verzameling en bescherming van oude boeken van Tibetaanse geneeskunde. De Lange reis gepubliceerd door de fotokopie.

De onderwerpgroep hield de bepaling van "Ning XI XIN’s onbetrouwbaarheid", en duizenden bailouts bezochten de oude boeken in het hele land. Al meer dan 10 jaar kwam de onderwerpgroep af van 峰 峰, 江, 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 区 医 医 名 名 医 医 医 名 医 医 医 医 医 医 医 医 医 医 医医 医 医 医 Wandelen en andere manieren, in Lhasa, wandeling door Shannan, Shigatse, Linzhi, Nala, Changdu, Ali en andere districten, zes stad, Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan, Yunnan, Liaoning, Beijing, Shanghai, Inner Mongoli? en andere provincies en steden.

Volgens onvolledige statistieken overschreed de reis 80.000 kilometer en meer dan 10.000, werden meer dan 500.000 oude boeken verzameld.

Onder hen is er geen tekort aan zeldzame handgeschreven versie van de eenzame, tropische en één. De exponity van de oude fietsen kan terug worden getraceerd naar de 11e eeuw, "China Tibetaanse geneeskunde Yutong Casual Book" wordt gefinancierd door het National Publishing Fund, en het publicatiehuis van Tibet People is gepubliceerd in de vorm van luxe hardcover en gewone hardcover. 1 -30 Volume in 20 januari, in 20 januari, onder de financiering van de speciale fondsen voor het nationale leerboek, heeft Tibet People’s Publishing House 31-60 volumes in gewone hardcover gepubliceerd.

De 60 volumes zijn opgenomen in de oude boeken, meer dan 83.000 pagina’s, meer dan 45 miljoen woorden.

Tegelijkertijd, de selectie van het onderwerp groep 100 volumes, aangepaste houten spalken, wraps, wrap touwen, enz. Volgens traditionele processen en patronen 1 Set van Fantani.

Deze reeks boeken is consistent met het originele boek, of het nu gaat om een ??raamwerk, open boek of inkt, alle details en de oorspronkelijke autoriteit, die nieuwe idee?n en paradigma’s biedt voor de regeneratieve bescherming van oude boeken. Bovendien heeft de onderwerpgroep dit 60 volume ook gemaakt in een elektronische versie van het interne gebruik, een solide basis voor de digitale constructie van oude boeken.

MIMA ge?ntroduceerd, "China Tibetaanse geneeskunde Yutan Hui Book" is gepubliceerd, geeft trouw het oorspronkelijke uiterlijk van oude boeken, en publiceert de originaliteit, authenticiteit, integriteit van de oude boeken in de vorm van kleurrijke fotokopie, zodat "Lonely" niet langer is De enige, effectieve redding en beschermde Tibetaanse geneeskunde oude boeken; Unified Arranging Materials, gecombineerd met de traditionele Tibetaanse catalogustheorie en de moderne boekcatalogustheorie, de catalogus, enorm vergemakkelijkende lezers; de momenteel gepubliceerde 60 volumes, 1-52 volumes zijn met de hand geschreven, 53-60 volumes zijn houtkussen; de derde is de verzameling van de oude boeken van de oude boeken, de vroegst kan worden getraceerd naar de 11e eeuw, de laatste tot de 20e eeuw. 61 tot 70 volume-uitgeverij zal naar verwachting de "China Tibetaanse geneeskunde fotokopi?ren van oude boeken" vóór het einde van recent in de afgelopen jaren, een van de belangrijkste wetenschappelijke onderzoeksresultaten in Tibetaanse geneeskunde, onderwijsonderwijs, wetenschappelijk onderzoek, klinische praktijk, Tibetaanse geneeskunde ontwikkeld , het bevorderen van de uitstekende traditionele cultuur van China, die het Chinese nationale gemeenschapsbewustzijn cultiveert, is er een significante betekenis. "China Tibetaanse geneeskunde fotokopieeringen van oude boeken" is gepubliceerd in 60 volumes, verzamelde 5 verschillende versies van "vier medische categorie?n" en "Moon King Medicine" "Richtlijnen", "Pearmacistisch Buddha’s Prayer Five" Medical Dictionary> Note Blue Cross "" Five -Lineer berekening cheat moonlight "" witglas "en andere kostbare klassen, met betrekking tot de geschiedenis van Tibetaanse geneeskunde, basistheorie, farmacologie, klinische ervaring, formulering verwerking, astronomische Corye. Onder hen, de eerste openbaarmaking van het handgeschreven boek en de hand getrokken boek uit het Potala-paleis; de eerste ontdekking van de handgeschreven handschrift "spiegel" in de 14e eeuw, maar weerspiegelt de Tibetaanse Tibetaanse Tibetaanse Tibetaanse Tibet; "Apotheker Boeddha-gebed" wordt verzameld de privé zeldzame zeldzame.

Volgens het werkplan van de onderwerpgroep streeft u naar het verzamelen en publiceren van de verzameling van 61-100 volumes binnen 5 jaar.

Momenteel is de afwerkingspublicatie van het 61-70-volume geavanceerd en zal naar verwachting vóór het einde van het jaar worden voltooid.

Editor die de leiding heeft: DEGUN BOZONG.

"Carbon" Road Pioneer Central Enterprise Racing New Energy Circuit

"Carbon" Road Pioneer Central Enterprise Racing New Energy Circuit

[] Personal green payment, green travel, and green life data can be converted into carbon points for redeeming gifts or carbon emissions generated by home electricity consumption in the year.

Recently, the co -branded card of Southern Power Grid Corporation and five banks was launched on the pilot of Guangzhou to launch the inclusive carbon neutralization and power financial service account.This is not an example.

"Economic Reference News" reporter noticed that since this year, many central enterprises have clearly clarified the "double carbon" construction map, and related exploration measures are frequently, especially on the new energy track to speed up the layout.Social development adds "green" to add "kinetic energy".

  The project densely starts the "blue board" into the sea and leaves. From the grassland of Inner Mongolia to Daliangshan, Sichuan, from the Gansu Revolutionary Old District to the Hainan Free Trade Port. Recently This energy company, which was known for its arsenal, has accelerated its efforts in new energy. In the first half of this year, there will be 15 million kilowatts of projects. It is expected that the total investment will exceed 90 billion yuan. , Reduced carbon dioxide 39 million tons.

On March 31, China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd. built in Jiangxi 120,000 kilowatts of optical storage power stations successfully achieved a full capacity grid.

According to the information, "We will take this as an opportunity to promote the adjustment of the company’s energy structure to increase and increase the increase, ensure that the new energy power generation has exceeded 100 billion kilowatt -hours, and continuously enhances the company’s profitability and anti -risk capabilities.

"China Huaneng Party Secretary and Chairman Shu Yinbiao said.

  China Nuclear Group also played a "green energy card". Recently, its first "water, wind, light, and storage" integrated base project construction of the "water, wind, light, and storage" of the pumping power station kicked off. This project is the first million -level clean energy base project in Northern Xinjiang. Based on the installed capacity of 1.4 million kilowatts of Burjin pumping storage project, it will be constructed to build the Burjin River Basin integrated water landscape storage project, including photovoltaic landscape storage projects, including photovoltaic landscapes, including photovoltaic landscapes, including photovoltaics 2 million kilowatts and wind power 3.6 million kilowatts. At present, the first phase of the 150,000 wind power support project indicators are officially launched.

The scale of the total installed capacity of the project is expected to be 7 million kilowatts. The "fiery" of the new energy project has also been seen from the latest "Main Business Data Announcement in the first quarter of 2022", which can be released in China: In the first quarter of 2022, China Energy built a new signing contract for a total of RMB 100 million. Among them, the new energy and comprehensive smart energy signed contract amount increased by%year -on -year. According to data from the National Energy Administration, this year’s first batch of large -scale wind power photovoltaic base projects in the desert Gobi desert areas have been accelerated, driving the investment in solar power generation and land wind power plans to increase by%and%year -on -year.

  At the same time that the new energy projects are fully blossoming, many central enterprises have established companies in various ways to lay out new energy sources.

  Recently, China Petrochemical Group Capital Co., Ltd. is led by Beijing Zhongke Fuhai Low temperature technology Co., Ltd., actively deploying the field of hydrogen energy and comprehensive development and application of resources.

  Since the goal of building the "China First Hydrogen Energy Company", Sinopec has gone faster and faster in the layout of the hydrogen energy business. According to relevant plans, during the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period, Sinopec will build 1,000 hydrogen refueling stations or oil hydrogen construction stations nationwide, with hydrogen refueling service capacity of 200,000 tons/year.

  China Oil also established Beijing New Energy Branch of CNOOC (China) Co., Ltd. in April this year. Wang Dongjin, Secretary of the Chinese Oil Party and Chairman of the Chinese Sea Oil Party, said that the new energy branch must further highlight the advantages of the marine advantage, pay attention to the integration and synergy, accelerate the development of sea wind power, choose the best development of land, and develop hydrogen energy business according to local conditions, strengthen CCUS technology research and development, explore development development more Energy complementary comprehensive energy supply systems, strive to achieve the goal of 10%of the new energy and new industry revenue of new energy and new industries at the end of China Oil.

  Since March this year, from the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" to the "Fourteen Five-Year Plan" New Energy Storage Development Implementation Plan "," Planning for the Development of Hydrogen Energy Industry (2021-2035) " By the printing of "Guiding Opinions of Energy Work in 2022", a series of policies were issued, and the new energy industry received heavy support.

  Lu Jianzhong, a full -time deputy director of the National High -end Think Tank Research Center of Petroleum National Petroleum, recently wrote that the construction of renewable energy industry chain and innovation chain requires traditional fossil energy enterprises and renewable energy companies to promote.

Traditional energy companies should actively deploy renewable energy business chains to balance existing business portfolios. At present, some oil and coal companies are conducting relevant layouts. Although the scale is not large, it can provide basic and experience for future large -scale applications.

  Behind the "double carbon" route map, behind the central enterprise racing new energy track, it is the need for its own transformation and development, and it is also the general trend of my country’s "double carbon" work. At the end of last year, the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the High -quality Development of Central Enterprises Doing a Better Development of Carbon and Carbon neutralization" at the end of last year proposed that central enterprises should play a leading role in promoting national carbon peaks, carbon neutralization. By 2025, the comprehensive energy consumption of 10,000 yuan output value of central enterprises will decrease 15%compared with 2020, 10,000 yuan of carbon dioxide emissions by 10%compared with 2020, and the proportion of renewable energy power generation will reach more than 50%. Besium below 30%. Some central enterprises have proposed in accordance with their own situations, which are practical and practical carbon peak schedule, roadmap, and construction charts, and actively carry out carbon neutralization and implementation path research. For example, CITIC Group recently released the "Carbon Peak Carbon Neutralization White Paper", which proposed that by 2025, the output value emissions of CITIC Group’s unit output value is expected to decrease 18%compared to 2020. Among them, the four key areas such as the power industry, steel production, building operations and data centers vigorously carry out energy conservation and carbon reduction work.

In the financial field, the scale and proportion of green financial business will continue to increase the innovation of green financial business models. "The work plan and layout of the" dual carbon ‘work plan and layout of central enterprises will have a positive impact on the development of related industries, which will help reduce the overall industrial transformation and development costs quickly, and drive the enthusiasm of energy saving, emission reduction and low -carbon investment in other enterprises, to form formed Positive incentives to the green transformation of the upstream and downstream industries.

"Sun Chuanwang, a professor at the China Energy Economic Research Center of Xiamen University, reminded that in combination with the actual reasonable layout and orderly progress, it is resolutely eliminated the" sports "carbon reduction. Image, audio and video manuscripts, and digital media products such as electronic magazines are all economic reference newspapers. Without the written authorization of the economic reference newspaper, it shall not be published or played in any form.

National Football Preparation of the top 12 race Wu Lei: fighting the spirit

National Football Preparation of the top 12 race Wu Lei: fighting the spirit

    China Youth Daily Client, Beijing, January 24 (China Youth Daily · China Youth Network reporter Guo Jian) ??Beijing time this evening, the national football team completed the first training course after the date of arrival, the forward Wu Lei said that although the first round was only 0: 1 Small opponents, but the game "everyone is not particularly satisfied", "In the next game, we must play a spirit of energy regardless of the result." During the Shanghai training, the head of the national football coach Li Xiaopeng signed the fans who support the team.

Visual China Conferry Figure 18:00 on January 27th, the National Football Team will challenge the Japanese team at Saitama 2002 Stadium in Japan. The team ranked first in 5 wins, 1 draw, and 16 points. The Japanese team ranked second in 4 wins and 2 losses. The Australian Australia is also the weakest Vietnamese team in this group at home. Therefore, the host of the host "all 3 points" is strong. If the national football team does not have the correct deployment and cannot be played by the level, it is not easy to "bring back scores". In an interview with CCTV reporters before the training class, the national football coach Li Xiaopeng said that the current national football team is in good condition, and each player has the possibility of playing. "We have watched the video with the Japanese team many times. Everything in this game revolves around the preservation hopes to formulate tactics. Rushed to Japan to meet with the team. In addition, Feinan Duo, who had already set off, received the news of his family’s illness when he was transferred in Europe to temporarily ask the coaching team to return to Saint Paul. At present, the team can use only three of the enrolled players. The status of the striker Wu Lei, who has not participated in Shanghai training and directly from Spain to Japan, also needs to be confirmed based on the training class of the two days before the game. Editor in charge: Cao Jing.

"I am in Xinjiang Winter Winter Olympics" Master Westward Journey Season 11 Network Theme Communication Activity Start

"I am in Xinjiang Winter Winter Olympics" Master Westward Journey Season 11 Network Theme Communication Activity Start

Recently, the "Xinjiang is a good place in the 11th Season 11 of the Winter Olympics in Xinjiang" online theme spread by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Internet Information Office and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Culture and Tourism Department. The county was officially launched.

This event adopts the form of "deep tour+storytelling+slow live broadcast". Teams consisting of more than 20 Internet experts, media reporters, photographers, etc. visited Fuhai County, Kanas, Hemu and other places in Altai area on the spot. Through experiencing characteristic ice and snow culture, display new formats, new routes, and new gameplay in Xinjiang in multi -angle and comprehensive display. Snow Metropolis is located in the northern part of Xinjiang and is the "origin of human skiing."

According to the organizer of the event, this season’s event was selected to be held in the Altay area. It is to spread the ice and snow tourism culture through the person’s own experience, vividly tell the story of the ice and snow in Altay, help Xinjiang’s high -quality development in winter tourism, and and also develop high -quality development in winter tourism. Help the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics. Since 2018, the "Xinjiang is a good place · Tourist Journey to the West" event has been held for 10 consecutive seasons. The event has invited central media and commercial platforms and Xinjiang media to participate. There are more than 400,000 related works, and the total number of communication on the entire network has reached a total of 100 million people. It has set off a wave of publicity and display of Xinjiang culture and tourism resources, and fully promotes the "blowout" of Xinjiang’s tourism industry.

"May Day" puts "price"! Longhu fifteen sets enjoy 10 million discounts

"May Day" puts "price"! Longhu fifteen sets enjoy 10 million discounts

  During the "May 1st" International Labor Day, Chongqing Longhu Group released a preferential gift package. It is sold in 15 projects, thousands of houses, including villas, large flats, houses and other residential formats, and commercial products such as commercial and parking spaces will focus on release benefits. "On the one hand, this preferential activity is to give back to the strong support of Longhu since a period of time, and on the other hand, it also expresses our confidence in the market outlook.

The relevant person in charge of Longhu Group said that for this reason, during the festival, the major selling venues prepared a surprise such as visiting gifts, discount gifts, and good transactions during the festival.

There are also discounts such as recommended commissions and good houses. The person in charge said that in addition to the strong strength, the coverage of this preferential activity was also wide.

All the real estate sold in Longhu will participate in this event.

Customers with preferences and different property orientations in different areas can basically find their corresponding needs. For example, the North District is located in the North Island, Tianyu Yufu, and Yunxi Bank in the Central Park; there are Luzhang, Shanqian, Jiatianxia in the south district; the western districts have Huancheng and Xueyu masterpieces. "As of April 10, our sales amount had reached 4.5 billion yuan in 2022, and the market share was about 16%." The person in charge said.



阅读量:中国外汇交易中心公告显示,金融机构通过交易中心银企平台为中小微企业提供交易服务的,交易中心以客盘交易总量为基数,全额减免银行间外汇市场交易手续费。 新华财经北京4月27日电中国外汇交易中心发布了关于免除中小微企业外汇衍生品交易相关银行间外场交易手续费的通知,具体内容如下:场交易手续费的通知银行间外场会员:为贯彻落实中国人民银行、国家外汇管理局发布的《关于做好疫情防控和经济社会发展金融服务的通知》(金融23条)中第18条的相关要求,进一步支持实体经济发展,降低企业避险保值成本,经向国家外汇管理局备案,中国外汇交易中心(以下简称交易中心)将进一步加大中小微企业外汇衍生品交易相关的银行间外场交易手续费优惠力度,从减半收取调整为全额免除,具体如下。 一、金融机构通过交易中心银企平台为中小微企业提供交易服务的,交易中心以客盘交易总量为基数,全额减免银行间外场交易手续费。 二、金融机构通过其他渠道为中小微企业提供交易服务的,金融机构负责审核中小微企业标准并向交易中心报备企业名单。




五、金融机构可于每季度末月15日前通过交易中心系统向交易中心报送与中小微企业的客盘交易信息,范围为上季度最后一个月和本季度前两个月,内容包括客户名称、交易品种、对、交易量、价格、期限等,并保留相关交易凭证备查。 六、金融机构应将获得的手续费减免向相关企业让利传导。

七、本通知减免措施自2022年1月1日起实施,暂免期两年。对已报送的交易,交易中心将回溯减免。八、联系方式021-23165050,021-38585347。 Features notified.


In any case, the information posted on this platform does not constitute investment advice. Xinhua Finance Statement: The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice.

Investors operate accordingly and risk themselves.

"Doe niet iets" Venster is gespecialiseerd in "moeilijke ziekte"

"Doe niet iets" Venster is gespecialiseerd in "moeilijke ziekte"

"Ik ben ingediend door de procedures waarnaar het materiaal niet is voldaan, en het is niet mogelijk om de goedkeuring door te geven. Na het venster ‘om’ dingen ‘te doen, identificeerden de relevante afdelingen snel de redenen, het bedrijf, het bedrijf, en de Problemen die ik snel de goedkeuring heb gepasseerd.

"Op 19 augustus, in het Yulin City Government Service Center" Office niet kan een zaak "Acceptance Window, Zhang Yongliang, de persoon die de leiding heeft over een particuliere onderneming, onlangs gezegd, hebben veel zorgvuldige burgers dit speciale venster ontdekt – "Doe dingen niet" Acceptatie-venster Hoewel het venster klein is, is het "moeilijkheidsgraden". "HEEFT GEEN METEKENT" Acceptatievenster is Yulin City om de partijgeschiedenis te bestuderen "Ik doe praktische dingen voor de massa’s", in -Depth-promotie "Hervorming, verbetering van de prestaties van de service, optimaliseer de bedrijfsomgeving en verbetert effectief de nieuwe maatregelen van massatevredenheid. Nadat u de applicatiemateriaal online of offline hebt ingevoerd, als het niet mogelijk is om succesvol, succesvolle goedkeuring of het venster en het is niet mogelijk Werk de service-houding van het personeel, de service is niet bevredigend, of de co?rdinatie omvat multi-sectoral, cross-regionale overheidsdienst "één ding" en "cross-provinciaal" "alle district" en andere zaken kunnen komen " "Acceptable feedback van het venster." Niet een bedrijf "acceptatievenster wordt" rechte trein "om het probleemprobleem op te lossen.

Het vensterpersoneel registreert in detail en gevolgd, overdracht, antwoord, terugkeer, archiefproces, naar het overeenkomstige bedrijfsvenster en bereikt de gesloten lus van de feedback-aangelegenheden. Volg vervolgens de verificatie, analyse, co?rdinatie en toezicht op elk servicevenster om het goedkeuringsproces te optimaliseren, de effici?ntie te verbeteren en te voorkomen dat dingen veroorzaakt door subjectieve redenen zoals beleid, ervoor zorgen dat bedrijven en mensen niet leeg zijn, niet leeg, sommige mensen helpen .

Tegelijkertijd, voor de massa’s die worden weerspiegeld in de multi-sectorale goedkeuring, moeten we multi-venster, tijdrovend, "ongemakkelijk" acceptatievenster uitvoeren volgens het 139 "één" -pakket, georganiseerd door 139 "Eén ding" -pakket, organisatie Het afdelingsvenster combineert het proces opnieuw.

Laat de ondernemingen en de massa’s "één ding", zolang ze naar een raam gaan, kunnen ze gemakkelijk worden voltooid. (Reporter Gesloten Jian Correspondent Pan Yechun) (Editor: Chen Lulu, Li Minjun) Deel meer mensen om te zien.